Task Management in Locus Platform

Published on 3 May 2019

Take your compliance up a notch. Everything is easily tracked, monitored, and managed. Watch this brief demo on accessing and completing tasks in Locus Platform.

Locus Platform Configurability

Published on 26 February 2018

Does your EHS&S software have you boxed in? Break free! Locus Platform’s built-in configuration tools give your team a wide range of options not available in other solutions.

Locus EIM: Overview of Standard Functionality

Published on 27 Nov 2017

Locus EIM is a best-in-class cloud software solution for managing complex environmental data, including laboratory and field data collected from a range of sources and supported data types (e.g. water, soil, waste, air, and biota). Here is a brief overview of the major capabilities of Locus EIM software for environmental management.

Generating a Waste Data Summary (WDS) with Locus EIM

Published on 10 Mar 2017

Watch how Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) uses Locus EIM’s new Waste Data Summary (WDS) module to make smarter waste disposal decisions.

20 Years of Innovation

Published on 21 Feb 2017

Locus Technologies celebrates 20 years of innovation in environmental data management!  Since 1997, Locus has continuously strived to find better and more efficient ways to help our customers collect, track, manage & report their environmental information in the cloud.  From mobile and GIS, to real-time notifications, and now exploring new solutions using AI and IoT— because we believe your complex environmental initiatives deserve a comprehensive, forward-thinking SaaS solution.

Locus GIS+

Published on 5 Oct 2016

Locus GIS+ is a premium web mapping service powered by Esri technology, with all the functionality of Locus EIM’s current Google Maps-based solution, plus a host of new features. Locus GIS+ is integrated with Locus EIM to give a premium mapping option for EIM users. This video shows the powerful new features offered by Locus GIS+.

Learn more about Locus GIS+

Intellus New Mexico

Published on 24 Aug 2016

In an effort to help Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) provide transparency to the public, Locus and LANL developed the Intellus public website.

Designed and maintained by Locus, Intellus lets Los Alamos community members or any other interested parties query local environmental data from Locus’ environmental information management (EIM) application.

This video from LANL shows how this data gets from the field to the public Intellus site, which now boasts over 15 million records.

Locus Technologies Mobile App

Published on 18 Jun 2015

Introducing the improved Locus Mobile app for iOS! New features include the ability to configure the data you want to collect in the field to meet your business needs, see historical measurements, add locations on the fly, ad hoc data collection, and capture real-time spatial coordinates.  Locus Mobile has always worked disconnected from the internet to meet realistic field conditions.

Locus Platform: Simplifying Your Compliance Data Management

Published on 14 Nov 2013

EHS compliance management and reporting is complicated. Locus Platform was created to make the management and reporting of environmental compliance, sustainability, and health & safety data as simple as possible.

Locus EPA Site Search Application

Published on 16 Sep 2011

Demonstration of the Locus EPA Site Search Application. The Locus EPA Site Search Application lets you search for EPA sites (such as Superfund and Brownfields sites) in a given state or within a selected radius of a zip code. Users can also filter for sites within a specific EPA program. Results are shown on a Google map or in a chart. Clicking on a site on the map displays site specific information. You can also access environmental data for those EPA sites that are also part of Locus’s EIM or ePortal systems. (An EPA site is a facility that is subject to EPA regulation.)

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