Take control of your environmental data management with Locus EIM—
environmental software in the cloud.

Screenshots of Locus environmental data management cloud software for environmental reporting, water quality management, wastewater management
  • Plan, collect, and manage any type of environmental samples
  • Electronic uploads including lab EDDs
  • Validation and verification tools
  • Regulatory exports and reports including DMRs and CIWQS
  • Integrated document management
  • Built-in GIS (ArcGIS online compatible)
  • Integrated mobile
  • Wide range of advanced query tools for every need

All your environmental compliance data under one roof.

Your enterprise is facing more environmental compliance challenges than ever before.  And there is a much better way to manage all your environmental data than in a patchwork of paper forms, spreadsheets and disjointed databases.

Streamline and take ownership of your environmental data management workflow with Locus EIM—an all-in-one, cloud-based environmental compliance software solution.

Flexible, modular, cloud-based environmental software. Get what you need, and only pay for what you use.

Locus’ EIM environmental software can meet the needs of both large and small enterprises in most industries. Plus, it’s designed to be easily scalable, so you can try it out at one facility before rolling it out enterprise-wide.

Drinking water quality management

From the field or facility, all the way to formatted regulatory reports— Locus’ EIM cloud environmental software for water quality management puts you in control of your environmental data and is a key part of your digital transformation.

Leverage water quality data from multiple data sources, including SCADA

Use simple yet powerful query and visualization tools to quickly view environmental data you need

Streamline Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) and routine chlorine and coliform reporting

Plan and schedule sampling and configure notifications for late or missing samples or exceedances or pre-defined limits

Empower your sample team with the integrated mobile app and do away with paper forms

Manage field equipment and keep up with QC calibrations with the asset tracker app

Wastewater management

Optimize your wastewater operations data in one centralized environmental software solution. Capture routine grab samples and sensor generated data into a single cloud solution.

Streamline permit monitoring reports including EPA NetDMR

Integrate with SCADA and visualize on dashboards

Streamline your data collection and analysis workflow with comprehensive input, tracking, and management tools

Simplify operations data collection with the easy to use mobile app and eliminate shared spreadsheets and paper forms

Track your permit and operations requirements in permit tracking tools

Configure notifications to alert staff when readings are above limits

Environmental data management software screenshot of Locus GIS application with mobile app for sampling locations

Laboratory data management

Maximize ownership of your critical laboratory analytical data in Locus’ cloud-based environmental software, Locus EIM—built to handle the most complex analytical data, including radiological methods.

Download a copy of Locus’ primary EDD format

Powerful, easy-to-use laboratory electronic data deliverable (EDD) checker, featuring hundreds of validation checks

Separate laboratory interface allows labs to load data for you

Comprehensive automated data validation and verification checks to reduce costs of external reviewers

Built-in notifications for critical exceedances

Track lab deliverables and invoices with robust and flexible tracking tools

Options to store complete data packages using LocusDocs

Environmental liability

Locus EIM is a comprehensive environmental software solution to control and manage critical environmental liability data.

Schedule tasks and track maintenance on equipment

Automate complex calculations to measure performance

Instantly identify performance issues with fully-configurable dashboards and reports

Streamline analytical data uploads with behind-the-scenes validation, EDD error checking, multiple EDD format uploads, and customizable valid values

Easy integration with TRRP Commander Software for TCEQ reporting

Cloud access to keep stakeholders informed

Environmental reporting screenshot of long-term monitoring data with chart

Surface water management

Track and manage discharges to surface water and manage permit compliance.

Screenshots of sample planning module with form and environmental reporting output

Enjoy modern technology with a cloud system with anywhere, anytime access

Generate regulatory exports including EPA, NetDMR, and CIWQS

Track inspections and BMPs and all permit requirements

Empower your team with a flexible mobile app

Automate sample planning and collection, including chain of custody and bottle lable generation

Discover trends and identify risks with a wide range of flexible environmental data analysis, reporting, and visualization tools

Radioactive (nuclear waste management)

For the nuclear power industry, environmental information management can be a challenge. Using a centralized, cloud-based environmental software solution can streamline your environmental compliance with better monitoring, real-time analysis, and easy aggregation and report generation. All without being held to version updates.

Use comprehensive modules to manage Radioactive Effluent Technical Specifications (RETS), Radiological Environmental Monitoring Programs (REMP), and the Annual Radiological Environmental Operating Report (AREOR)

Improve data quality with validation, Electronic Data Deliverable (EDD) error checking, multiple EDD format uploads, and customizable valid values

Consolidate your sample planning workflow with configurable sampling event calendars and pre-printed Chain-of-Custody (COC) forms, work lists, and bottle labels

Use robust analysis and environmental reporting tools for identifying trends and monitoring statistics

Modernize field sampling with the easy to use mobile app

Get automated notifications when potential exceedances and new maxima are entered into the system

Groundwater management

If you manage or own an environmental site, it’s very likely that you have ongoing groundwater sampling and environmental reporting requirements, and maybe even a long history of historical groundwater data to maintain. The challenge of managing a huge volume of groundwater data and the complexity of analysis and cleanup is exactly what inspired Locus to develop our environmental software for data management almost 20 years ago.

Locus GIS for environmental management screenshot of groundwater contours in maps module with chart

Manage sample planning workflow, including chain of custody, work lists, and bottle labels.

Empower your sampling team with Locus Mobile and easy-to-customize data collection forms

Eliminate hand data entry with flexible electronic uploads (EDDs)

Automatically verify and validate data on upload, saving time and money

Visualize with powerful reporting and visualization tools—including analytical crosstabs, dynamic report-ready charting, contour maps, fully-integrated GIS mapping (ArcGIS Online compatible), boring logs, advanced statistics, and single-site or multiple-site queries.

Maintain compliance with regulatory repots, exceedance notifications, permit submittals, and more

Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR)

For any type of discharge permits, Locus has you covered. Manage and track Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs), Multi-Sector General Permits (MGSP), and any of a wide range of State permit requirements.

Consolidate your permit information, including permit type, effective and renewal dates, limits, and environmental compliance requirements

Configure data imports from outfall sampling locations, including field measurements and laboratory analysis results

Automate complex calculations including aggregate results

Prepare required submittals including EPA NetDMR

Configure special formats for unique requirements

Securely manage your compliance data with a wide range of analytical and visualization tools in a single cloud system

Discharge monitoring report screenshot on laptop- DMR build and environmental reporting

Produced water management

Managed produced water from oil and gas operations can be a costly challenge, using Locus’ cloud software can help.

Screenshots of Locus EIM environmental data management software and Locus Mobile app with adhoc locations

Streamline and digitize your entire sample planning and reporting process with built-in tools including COCs, labels, data tracking, and reporting

Modernize field sampling with Locus Mobile

Report with a wide range of on-board tools including GIS, charts, advanced queries, formatted reports, statistics, and ad hoc queries

Share data with stakeholders with 24/7 cloud services

Enhance data quality with automated validation and verification checks

Manage one or more sites with security at every level

Offshore potable (offshore water management)

Improve the safety and efficiency of your offshore potable water management system with Locus EIM—a cloud environmental software platform to more efficiently track and manage your environmental data. 

Update to a true cloud system with your data securely in the cloud

Digitize your field collection with Locus Mobile

Track permit requirements, environmental compliance tasks, and regulatory reporting

Eliminate paper forms and unmanageable spreadsheets

Nothing to install locally, simply access your data from anywhere with an internet connection

Easy data uploads, which can be performed by your labs

Mobile Field Data Collection

Streamline any field activities with the configurable Locus Mobile for EIM and Locus Platform

Locus mobile environmental field data collection app for iOS

Collect critical data from any location at any time—even while offline

Improve data quality by eliminating paper forms and unmanageable spreadsheets

Use built-in configurable validation rules to help eliminate data entry errors

View sampling summaries to help track your field work

Configure facility-specific forms for sampling, auditing, or tracking

Use barcodes or QR codes to gain efficiency

Environmental Information Management

Managing water quality data is critical to our clients’ projects. Water ARC is a new service provided by Carollo that integrates and enhances our capabilities to collect this data through field analytical, pilot testing, and laboratory-based treatability testing services. Key parts of this new service are our improved management of field analytical and pilot testing equipment, nationwide, with Locus Platform and streamlined collection and analysis of various data sources with Locus EIM. Incorporating these innovative tools in our project work helps us achieve a higher level of efficiency in managing quality data for our clients.

Carollo logo
Justin Sutherland
Manager of Water ARC, Carollo

In selecting our data management system, we had a few criteria that we wanted to improve upon. We needed to be able to generate alerts based on data. We needed something that was mobile-enabled so that our field staff could use it. Our IT staff strongly preferred software hosted in the cloud so they wouldn’t have to support or interact with it.

We were also interested in the option to expand beyond just environmental data management, to get away from this “one app for one task” approach. We looked at a lot of products—most of them satisfied some of these criteria, but not others. We had a good experience with Locus EIM for our drinking water data, so we discussed our needs with Locus and they recommended their new Locus Platform. It satisfied all our requirements.

Locus gave us in-person training, and as we developed our applications they were able to support us with very good response time. The user interfaces for individual users (as well as for me when I was developing custom applications) were very intuitive. Locus was always there to advise us on how to implement the more advanced features.

San Jose Water Company logo
Casey Claborn
Water Quality Engineer, San Jose Water Company

By organizing and analyzing environmental, sustainability, and water quality information in the cloud, Locus is helping organizations to understand the impact of climate change on drinking water. AWS’s unmatched portfolio of cloud services, proven operational expertise, and unmatched reliability will help Locus to further automate environmental compliance for companies ranging from local water utilities to multinational manufacturing corporations, to federal government research agencies.

Amazon Web Services
Mike Clayville
Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales, Amazon Web Services

We achieved ‘a sea change in terms of data quality, environmental risk reduction, and overall process cost reduction of over 50%’ by implementing EIM.

Honeywell logo
Remediation Manager
Honeywell, Honeywell

Locus’ hard work, and excellent performance in support of the continued operation and maintenance of the Center Groundwater Extraction and Treatment System (GWTS) were completed within budget and the projected schedules.

S. Pete Worden
Center Director, NASA Ames Research Center

Locus is a great company…very qualified. They automated a manual process, saving us the daily labor costs…This essentially paperless system is accessible to anyone who needs it at any time.

Remediation Manager

The Locus Internet-based Environmental Dashboard gives us better control of the remediation system, with faster response to problems and quicker access to real-time data.

West Coast Manager
Schlumberger, Schlumberger

Developing our resources prudently and efficiently, while identifying and managing potential environmental impacts related to our operations, are critically important to Roca Honda Resources. Locus’ software will allow us to share information more quickly and efficiently between our field operations and our scientists, and evaluate data faster, ultimately contributing to a more environmentally sound management practice and efficient operation.

Mr. John DeJoia
Senior Vice President of New Mexico operations and Manager, Roca Honda Resources (now Energy Fuels)

High-quality environmental data is one of the key drivers that will help us meet our cleanup goals. Moving forward, our data will help us be more sustainable and better stewards of the environment. Organizing these massive volumes of data, and making them available to the public, will help demonstrate our commitment to openness and environmental compliance.

Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) logo
Alison Dorries
Division leader for Waste and Environmental Services, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Locus EIM has improved our productivity through automatic data quality checks, real-time data queries and graphics, and automated data tables for regulatory reports. EIM’s ability to manage our data, including direct laboratory upload of sampling results, saves us and our client’s time and money. EIM’s ability to manage multiple sites within a single database is perfect for our larger clients.

Jeff Gwinn
Vice President, Orion Environmental

ERS is very pleased with our selection of Locus EIM.  We provide professional services at complex environmental sites and had over 10 years of data and hundreds of thousands of records that were becoming increasingly difficult to manage using desktop systems.  With EIM, we can now quickly access our data, and more importantly share the data with our clients.

One key factor in the selection of Locus EIM was the on-demand nature of the system, which allowed us to quickly get up and running.  Being web-based, we can access the data from the field and the office, and also invite our clients to review their own data 24/7, which is a huge plus for ERS and the Port.

Steven Michelson
PG, Environmental Risk Services

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