Move beyond silos with a new standard for your organization’s sustainability software.

Move beyond silos with a new standard for your organization’s sustainability software.

Achieve a competitive advantage— with sustainability software that truly supports the pursuit of sustainable business.

Corporate sustainability reporting (CSR) is a hot topic in environmental management.  And with generally tight budgets for sustainability or EHS&S departments— not to mention the ever-changing reporting mandates and public expectations— deciding what indicators to track and report (and figuring out what data needs to be collected) can feel like an uphill battle.

Whether your organization is just getting started with sustainability initiatives, or if you’ve been in the game for awhile—Locus Platform, our sustainability software that’s built on a robust cloud platform and tailored specifically for GHG reporting and sustainability metrics tracking, will help you make better decisions by more easily transforming your environmental, water, energy, and carbon management data into actionable information.

Create unlimited configurable dashboards and reports to track key performance indicators (KPIs), using data collected from around your facilities through manual entry (desktop or mobile) and/or electronic data transfer.

Then, use this information to not only meet regulatory and corporate reporting requirements, but also to optimize your business by reducing energy and operational costs.

Request a free demo today to find out how Locus Platform sustainability software solutions can help your company save time and resources, reduce operational risk, and set the stage for a sustainable future.

Sustainability software screenshot of Locus Platform applications menu and iPad with sampling interface
  • Standard and configurable sustainability management dashboards
  • Single or multiple sites
  • Automatic reminders and notifications
  • Data validation
  • Scheduled regulatory reports
  • Annual corporate CSR reports
  • Integrated with compliance calendars, asset management, and validation checks
  • Configurable workflows
  • GHG reporting
  • Asset management integration
  • Track reports, photos, and other key documents using LocusDocs
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) metrics:
    • Electricity, fuel, and water consumption
    • Waste and wastewater (quantity & quality)
    • Air emissions
    • Production information

Spend less time managing data, so you have more time to optimize your sustainability initiatives.

We understand that collecting and reporting sustainability data can be a chore. That’s exactly why we designed and built our Locus Platform sustainability software to streamline your data collection and validation workflow. We even include automated reminders to ensure remote locations meet their schedules.

But data collection is just part of the solution. Fully configurable dashboards— with tracking, trending, mapping, and reporting— provide a platform so you can decide just what you need for regulatory or corporate sustainability reporting.

Greenhouse gases (GHG) reporting

Reduce compliance risk by centralizing your compliance and emissions management activities in the cloud.  Our greenhouse gases (GHG) application makes it easy to manage emission inventory and permit compliance programs, and it’s fully integrated with compliance tracking, asset management, and automation modules (including remote sensing).

Take control of your GHG reporting with Locus Platform sustainability software—ready to handle today’s emissions reporting requirements and built to adapt to the regulations of tomorrow.

Sustainability software screenshot of GHG Emissions dashboard on Locus Platform

Get comprehensive insight into your operational data— it’s easy to link multiple data sources (electronic and manual) to the cloud platform

Get started quickly with standard, built-in, emissions data calculations, or easily configure methodologies specific to your organization’s requirements (with full support for eGRID, so Scope 2 emissions can be optionally calculated from indirect energy usage and eGRID calculations)

Instantly detect areas of concern with customized dashboards and widgets to quickly compare the latest emission results and operational data values, including benchmarking— then generate reports or share with other users in your organization

Save time and resources by inputting data only once, and reporting in parallel for multiple federal, state, and voluntary reporting programs— we can provide in-house expertise and direct experience with calculation methods for US EPA, California ARB, GRI, CDP, and TCR

Get a solution that adapts to your business needs, not the other way around— it’s easy to set up individual, facility-specific input requirements and specifications

Keep on top of everything, no matter where it’s happening, with built-in, automatic alerts for potential non-conformances— you can even trigger custom workflows to follow up on corrective actions and track them to completion

Produce the information your team or your stakeholders need, on-demand, by generating results in multiple formats, including report-ready charts, maps, and tables

Sustainability Metrics (CSR / GRI / CDP / TCR)

Get instant, 24/7 access to your key sustainability metrics, and easily generate presentation-quality graphics to share your organization’s sustainability reporting status with your department or with stakeholders, with our sustainability metrics application within Locus Platform.  It’s designed specifically for assembling and reporting key performance indicators (KPIs) for water, waste, energy, and social responsibility.

Whether you need to report for state or federal regulations, internal corporate social responsibility (CSR) and other sustainability reporting, the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), or The Climate Registry (TCR)—  our robust Locus Platform sustainability software solution and experienced staff will provide the tools and technical domain expertise to make your job easier.

Track any KPI metrics with quick-access, targeted dashboards configured to your specifications (as long as the data are in the platform!)

Collect data via manual entry or integration with external systems— or by importing it automatically from other Locus applications like waste and GHGs

Easily process and summarize data for reporting with a robust calculation engine, making complex spreadsheet formulas a thing of the past— and, all calculations are 100% transparent and auditable, so you never have to worry about maintaining compliance with reporting regulations

Track and report by business unit, product line, facility type, geographic location, and more, with a flexible and configurable reporting hierarchy

Automatically normalize reported KPI data by any production or use metric for easy comparison of results across your entire organization

Screenshot of Sustainability reporting dashboard on Locus Platform

Mobile Field Data Collection

Get better field data quality with Locus’ mobile app, and streamline data collection in support of your sustainability management program.  Design and deploy your own mobile data collection forms (for unlimited data types) in the cloud-based Locus Platform sustainability software. You can decide what types of data you want collected, then send the corresponding input forms to staff in the field— who can enter the data offline, then sync and upload to the cloud later.

Where will mobile help you?

Locus mobile environmental field data collection app for iOS

Empower your sampling team to gather more types of data, faster— from recording energy, gas, water or electrical usage, field audits, photos of electrical meters or fuel gauges, standard field parameters like temperature and flow, and exact location coordinates to easily map your data later

Access your critical data from your device anytime— even while offline

Protect your sustainability initiatives by more accurately managing waste container and storage areas, and by efficiently tracking recycling and other CSR activities

Improve data quality by reducing (or even eliminating) manual data entry and enabling built-in, fully-configurable data validation rules

More apps...

Don’t see the specific sustainability app or module you’re looking for?  Or, perhaps your company has highly specialized data types or reporting requirements?  Easily design your own data input forms and custom report formats using our fully-configurable workbench module within Locus Platform.  Or, tell us what you need, and our trained specialists will work with you (or your domain experts) to create and quickly deliver a customized solution.

Design the perfect workflow to meet your business needs, with as few or as many steps as you want

Create the dashboards that you always imagined, to highlight exactly the information you want in any format (bar or line charts, maps, tables, tree maps, diagrams, and more)— and share your custom dashboards with your whole team, so everyone can see the real-time information that’s relevant to them

No report format is too complex— create reports and reporting schedules to exactly fit your needs, even for the most demanding specifications

Even your custom reports, forms, and applications are intelligently integrated with our standard applications and basic platform functionality including notifications, charting tools, reporting, Excel imports, and search
Empower your team by creating applications to fit your existing business requirements and workflows— our powerful configuration workbench lets you add unlimited applications, reports, input forms, workflows, and dashboards

Do more with mobile— every sustainability-related form in the desktop platform can be mobile-enabled, so you can introduce new ways of streamlining data collection to your team


We achieved ‘a sea change in terms of data quality, environmental risk reduction, and overall process cost reduction of over 50%’ by implementing EIM.

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Remediation Manager
Honeywell, Honeywell

Our collaboration with Locus has been both productive and innovative, and your staff have been very enjoyable to work with over the past few years. We look forward to our work together in the future, and to seeing where technology and creativity take us.

Large customer
Department of Energy, Department of Energy

Not only does Locus’ cloud-based system enable us to see our progress more quickly and easily because of the reporting customization and graphics, but Locus truly understands the science behind the metrics, and acts as another set of eyes and a trusted partner to Del Monte in validating our data.

By working with Locus, we will improve our ability to analyze and forecast our reliance on critical environmental resources, which will help Del Monte meet its sustainability goals. Management of our complex set of activities requires robust software architectures that are best delivered via the Cloud. We found all of these in Locus’ platform.

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Robin Connell
Sustainability Programs Manager, Del Monte Foods

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