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Environmental Services

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Since 1997, our active specialty environmental services division has developed extensive domain expertise, focusing primarily on local and regional services— keeping Locus on the cutting edge of the environmental industry.

We can provide an excellent list of references and are proud to maintain an outstanding reputation within our service sector.

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Site investigation & characterization

Locus has a long history of effective design and implementation of site investigations for the industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential sectors.

We have completed site characterizations under a variety of federal, state, and local regulations and authorities, including (but not limited to) CERCLA, RCRA, NEPA, and TSCA; EPA, SWRCB, CA DTSC, CA Water Districts, school districts, and environmental departments of local government.

Locus customizes each investigation for the intended purpose— whether it is defining baseline conditions for property transfers, delineating a suspected impact under regulatory order, or preparing a site for redevelopment or site closure.

Our staff have expertise in environmental sampling technologies for soil, soil-gas, air, surface water, and groundwater. We employ innovative technologies to save time and cost— including passive air samplers, waste-minimizing passive diffusion bags, and mobile field data collection software.

Our site investigations (such as our vapor intrusion projects) have ranged from individual screenings, to full-scale multi-phase investigations and remedy implementations.

Your specific needs and concerns will guide our involvement and solutions, and we practice managerial approaches to secure consensus among the often-conflicting objectives of multiple stakeholder groups— ultimately reducing your costs.


Locus has extensive experience developing and implementing cost-effective remediation solutions for all types of environmental media— including groundwater, surface water, soil, and air.

We always aim for fast and successful project completion, fully leveraging our project management expertise, multi-disciplinary staff, support services, and state-of-the-art technologies.  To help define remedial goals or simulate the effect of remedial technology, we use risk assessment and environmental fate and transport modeling.

After the system is installed, Locus offers direct, hands-on knowledge for operation & maintenance of remedial treatment systems. We also offer monitoring programs to document system effects, and we can help you automate your systems to lower operation & maintenance costs.

From small-scale, residential vapor intrusion mitigation systems to large-scale, in-situ anaerobic bioremediation at Superfund sites— we provide a range of possible engineered solutions, followed by implementation, monitoring, and reporting through a single reliable source.

Our team can easily leverage readily available and proven solutions, or implement innovative technologies to improve and inform industry standards.

Permitting & compliance

Locus can prepare and certify NPDES discharge permit applications, monitoring reports, Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPPs), Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans, and other documents required per local and state regulations.  Our experienced team can:

  • Prepare permits
  • Plan and provide environmental monitoring that complies with permit conditions
  • Ensure all paperwork is compiled and complete
  • Use our in-house Locus cloud software to efficiently manage data and generate regulatory deliverables

Our experience and familiarity with these types of projects helps keep costs low, while maintaining compliance with your regulatory requirements. Locus will work with you to determine the most cost-effective path forward for your compliance needs, always drawing on our expertise in local, state, and federal requirements and guidance.

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