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Gitanjali Rao, an 11-year-old budding scientist from Tennessee
Can a radical new invention by an 11-year-old girl help to avert another water crisis like in Flint, Michigan?

Gitanjali Rao, an 11-year-old budding scientist from Tennessee, has developed an innovative and radical device using nanotubes to test for lead contamination in water. Named ‘Tethys’, this innovative method to test lead in water could prove to be an effective solution in averting water crises like in Flint, Michigan. The device is linked to a smartphone app for instant visualization of results.

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During this walk-through of the mobile-to-desktop workflow, you’ll first learn how to create provision files, which specify the data type information to be used for field data collection. We will explore the different options available, how sample planning can be used with Locus Mobile, and the processes involved to upload field data to EIM.