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GIS Day 2017
Celebrating 55 years of improving spatial thinking with (GIS) technology

Not only is GIS more powerful than ever before—it is also vastly more accessible. Anyone with Internet access can create custom maps based on publicly available data, from real-time traffic conditions to environmental risk factors, to local shark sightings. Software developers, even those at small companies or startups, now have access to APIs for integrating advanced GIS tools and functionality into their programs.

Locus eClass

This eClass will give an introduction to GIS and our newly implemented premium web mapping service, GIS+. Attendees will benefit from learning how to create maps in GIS+ using your own map layers or importing basemaps from Esri. In addition, we will explore cartographic options, including a catalog of industry-specific symbols, an interactive histogram for data queries, and how to create multiple data layers for analysis.


Explore the range of powerful analysis and visualization features in Locus’ GIS application.  This eClass will review how to display data layers by location or sample, query and post data, and create report-ready maps (complete with title, legend and custom text). We will also explore the newest tools available within the GIS, including how session settings can customize and control how maps are initialized. Finally, you will learn how to save and share maps, and how to load maps created by other users.