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Locus Technologies Integration
How to extend your EHS software with integrated system

Integration with other systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud, has become a key wishlist item for many EHS software buyers. It allows you to take advantage of other tools used by your organization (or available from third parties) to simplify processes, access information, and enhance communication, both internally and externally.

Locus GIS+
Tips for choosing a GIS application for your environmental database

You can turbocharge your water data management by including a geographical information system (GIS) in your toolkit! Your data analysis efficiency also gets a huge boost if your data management system includes a GIS system “out of the box” because you won’t have to manually transfer data to your GIS. All your data is seamlessly available in both systems.

Locus eClass
EIM: Roles & Permissions

Locus EIM Roles and Permissions (RPs) is being significantly enhanced to provide EIM admin users with far greater control on who can see and do activities in EIM. This eClass will cover all the key features of the updated RP functionality. You will also learn how your current RPs are mapped to the new RPs for a seamless transition. This is a “must attend” class for EIM administrators.