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January 2018–June 2018

As we have already entered the second half of 2018, we thought we should let everyone know about the latest updates, news, and views from Locus Technologies!

Software product highlights

Locus eClass Locus Platform

New Sustainability 'ready-to-use' and 'out-of-the-box' application made its debut!
We were thrilled to announce the release of our ready-to-use, out-of-the-box solution for customers to manage all their sustainability data in one application!  The new Sustainability application is fully integrated with Locus Platform and provides a comprehensive system for monitoring and managing your energy use, water, and other sustainability initiatives throughout your facilities. Learn more

LP moved to its new home in the cloud
LP made the move to Amazon Web Services (AWS) for enhanced reliability, scalability, performance, security, and flexibility for integration. Better for our customers and better for Locus—a win-win for Locus Platform. Learn more

Locus eClass Locus Mobile

Barcode scanning just got more savvy!
Locus Mobile just got even more essential, now with the ability to scan unknown barcodes or QR codes, as well as to create new ad hoc locations on the fly. Great for tracking drums in our Waste app, tracking customer complaints in our Water app, and tracking just about anything else out in the field. Learn more

Locus eClass EIM

Run scheduled queries at specific times
We added some nifty tools, including scheduled queries that run at specific times and either email results or upload them to an FTP server. Great time-saver for people running routine data results at a specified frequency. Learn more

Easily format regulatory or routine reports
We added more bells and whistles in our formatted reports, so users can get just the formatting they desire for regulatory or routine reports. Learn more

Save time and costs with the TRRP Commander
Locus added in Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) reporting exports for our customers in Texas. This new tool provides inputs to the TRRP software analyzer (built by Small Print Software) called TRRP Commander. TRRP Commander creates Affected Property Assessment Reports (APAR) and optimal risk-based closure plans that comply with the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) rules. This time-saver will be a huge benefit for all those customers subject to TRRP. Learn more

Upload and flag results for continuous data monitoring
Recognizing most of our customers want to store continuous monitoring data in EIM (like water levels or flow), we just made it easier to upload the data and flag the results as continuous monitoring data (vs. any other field data), so you can easily track and report this data alongside your other monitoring data within EIM. Learn more

Locus eClass LocusDocs

Locus customers have been asking for an elegant way to store documents in specific parts of EIM for years. We found a great way to make adding any type of document easy! It works with a customer’s existing cloud data management solution, or Locus can store the files on our servers.

Of course, LocusDocs was designed to work with all our software, so Locus Platform users can have the same functionality in their off-the-shelf or custom apps. Learn more

Latest awards & achievements

Won 12th consecutive EBJ award for Information Technology
Locus’ roots are in the environmental industry, and it’s always an honor to be recognized by the Environmental Business Journal (EBJ) for Information Technology. EBJ has been around about as long as Locus, making the award even more meaningful. Read more

Welcoming new customers to the Locus family

Here are a few new customers that have kicked off major projects in the first part of 2018:

Latest reads

Locus created some great reads for our customers. If you did not have a chance to read our blogs and white papers when they were first published, here are a few of the highlights: | 650-960-1640

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