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Quarterly Newsletter: Winter 2016-2017


You asked, we added. Enhanced features in Locus Mobile— just in time for sampling season!

Locus' mobile development team has been keeping busy with new customers and new development efforts on Locus Mobile. As the benefits of mobile integration are becoming more obvious, Locus has been fielding fewer questions like "why should we use Locus Mobile?" in favor of questions like "how can we encourage our teams to use this?"

Mobile users are reaping the benefits of this easy-to-set-up, easy-to-use tool:

  • Built-in mapping features minimize or entirely remove the need to carry bulky paper maps out in the field
  • Ability to see the route order of locations in the mobile app, so no more juggling multiple files to follow the desired sampling order
  • Better utilizing EIM's automated groundwater elevations (calculated in EIM from data taken on the mobile app)

We're taking advantage of this momentum and growing interest in Locus Mobile to work on new features to make the tool even more useful for field teams. Some of our upcoming features include:

  • Groundwater stabilization data type, including out-of-the-box field forms to review field measurement results for stabilization
  • Add photos through the mobile app, assigned to locations, samples, field measurements, and more
  • Add the data type to capture well construction, soil boring, and lithology details

If you're a Locus customer using either Locus Platform or EIM, and you aren't yet using Locus Mobile for field data collection, contact your Locus Account Manager today for a demo to see how it will revolutionize your sampling workflow.

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New water EIM features for drinking water customers

Locus EIM Water, specifically targeted at the drinking water sector, received some significant enhancements in the last several months to better support our water customers. Here are a few key features designed to streamline regulatory compliance and day-to-day field activities.

  • Ability to associate repeat/confirmation samples with the original sample (that triggered the collection of the repeats samples)
  • New analysis view to retrieve field and analytical data in the same grid
  • New statistics module that computes summary statistics for both field measurements and analytical results and displays these in a single grid
  • New exceedance module that displays both field and analytical exceedances in same grid
  • New form and table to store information on multiple water systems
  • New form and table to map customer values for field and analytical parameters, action limits, and sample usage codes to defined entities (e.g., routine, repeat, and confirmation samples) needed for analysis and reporting by water systems
  • New form and table to store the methodology for contaminant compliance calculations
  • “Quick” views for quick access from PM dashboard: to identify detects, display dates parameters were last sampled at individual locations, show exceedances at individual locations, compute annual averages, display a bacteriological sample tracker grid (numbers and status of coliform and chlorine measurements), and show bacteriological present/absent counts, including a coliform monitoring worksheet.
  • New capability to shift planned samples by “n” numbers of days, or in some cases, “n” months
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WQX exports on the way

Locus EIM will soon be supporting EPA WQX exports!

Based on EPA requirements, many state, tribal, and government agencies monitor lakes, streams, rivers, and other types of water bodies to determine water quality conditions associated with their sites and property. Entities then report water quality data to the EPA via the Water Quality Exchange (WQX).

As Locus EIM is ideal for managing water quality data, we have been seeing increasing requests for WQX export functionality. To meet this demand, Locus is adding support for WQX exports in EIM early in 2017. Contact for more information (or your Locus Account Manager if you are an existing customer).

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Locus is focused on customer success!

Here at Locus, we have always been committed to making sure our users are as successful as possible. In 2016, we began to take that commitment a step further. We're bringing customer success to the forefront with new programs to increase awareness of our tools across our user base, and to ensure users have a venue to give constructive feedback about their experience. Two of these initiatives are Express Trainings and the EIM/Mobile Advisory Panel.

Express Trainings are 30-minute training sessions that provide users with 15-20 minutes of in-depth instruction on specific features, followed by open Q&A sessions. These trainings immediately became extremely popular with users as a valuable and efficient source of information to help optimize their use of Locus' products. These trainings will continue through 2017 and will be focused on system optimization topics, which were selected based on user feedback and interest. To see the schedule and sign up for any of these sessions, visit

The Locus EIM/Mobile Advisory Panel, comprised of EIM "power users", has provided valuable feedback for Locus on how to improve and enhance EIM functionality. Since the Panel’s inception earlier this year, members have discussed how to improve the user experience and the user interface, reporting, data loading, and GIS functionality. The Advisory Panel will continue their hard work throughout 2017 to advise and provide feedback on planned changes and new functionality in Locus EIM and Locus Mobile.

We plan to extend our focus on customer success even more throughout 2017— by providing users with monthly product update emails and more! If you have any ideas about how Locus can help you and your team achieve greater success with our products, please contact your Locus Account Manager.


Did you try out GIS+?

Although the GIS+ free trial period has ended, there is still time to review GIS+. We know this is a hectic time of year, so if you just got too busy in November to give GIS+ a test drive, contact your Locus Account Manager and we can arrange a limited, scheduled review period.

To those customers that have already signed up, we are sure you will enjoy the benefits of GIS+, including all the upcoming features and functionality that are already planned for future releases. And for our new users, please let us know your “wish list” for future enhancements, as we like to keep our GIS team busy!

For more information, contact your Account Manager or email

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What can you do with an empty Platform? In LP-X you can do anything.

You've probably seen us marketing Locus Platform as a comprehensive EHS software solution for managing and tracking a wide range of EHS regulatory obligations. However, not everyone knows what you can do with the “empty” Platform, or LP-X— that is, Locus Platform without any of Locus’ preconfigured applications built in.

Everyone at Locus is excited to see what happens as we start training some our customers to "do-it-yourself" in Locus Platform LP-X. So far, we are seeing applications ranging from custom checklists and forms to mobile-enabled inspection support. As the DIY crowd continue to get their hands dirty with configuration, we can't wait to see what other amazing applications they build.

If you're sitting on a bunch of “macro-ized” Excel spreadsheets, dreaming of getting that Access database retired, or just looking for something highly specific to your business— give us a call to talk about LP-X.

The LP-X app-building platform is not for everyone (which is why Locus has its own in-house team of Locus Platform configuration specialists) but it is an incredibly powerful platform for people who love to tinker and develop tools for their business. It’s also great for consultants looking to offer more specialized tools to their customers. Best of all, LP-X is not domain-specific, so people in any group or division can use the Platform for a wide range of applications. Imagine one platform for all your different divisions and users! Contact Locus at to find out more.

Latest Locus news

In case you missed our most recent new customers and other developments, check out some of our recent press releases.

San Jose Water Company selects Locus Platform for environmental compliance management
The water utility has been using Locus EIM and Locus Mobile, and is now venturing into configuring their own environmental compliance apps in Locus Platform for complying with California regulatory requirements.

Cortina Rancheria select Locus EIM for its water quality and environmental management system software
Locus welcomes a new customer, Cortina Rancheria, using EIM to manage their environmental monitoring under the U.S. EPA Clean Water Act.

Locus introduces visual rule configuration to Locus Platform SaaS
New UI tools greatly simplify rule configuration in Locus Platform, opening up a whole world of self-configuration for LP users.

Locus Technologies introduces EIM GIS+ mapping platform with added features and functionality
Announcing the release of our new, premium ESRI-based GIS+ platform, available now for EIM customers.

Grain Processing Corporation streamlines Clean Air Act Title V reporting using Locus Platform
Case study on how Grain Processing Corporation uses Locus Platform to streamline their business processes.


Fall conference season recap

NAEM's EHS & Sustainability Management Forum
October 26-28 in Denver, Colorado

This is NAEM's largest conference and is considered the largest annual gathering for EHS and sustainability decision makers. We were excited at the opportunity to exhibit at the conference and build some relationships in the EHS field. The Forum also hosted a number of keynote and educational sessions about the latest challenges in EHS and general advice for industry professionals.

Locus had a great time exhibiting at our booth and creating connections, and we'll definitely be looking forward to next year's EHS & Sustainability Management Forum!


AWWA's Water Quality and Technology Conference & Exposition
November 13-17 in Indianapolis, Indiana

This AWWA conference was specifically focused on technology solutions for water utilities, giving water quality professionals the opportunity to network and learn about the latest research and information for their industry.

Locus had a great opportunity at this conference to hold a demo session at our booth, showcasing our Locus Mobile solution for streamlining field sample data collection. This well-attended session helped us create connections and spread more awareness of Locus' mobile and web solutions for drinking water quality management.

We also attended a number of educational sessions to get more insight on some of the biggest challenges that industry professionals are facing today, and our product teams are already brainstorming new ways to enhance our water quality management applications based on these insights!

Upcoming conferences and events


2017 Waste Management Symposia
March 5-9, 2017
Phoenix, Arizona

The WM Symposium is an international conference for the management of radioactive waste and related topics and provides an open forum for discussing and seeking safe, environmentally responsible, technically sound and cost-effective solutions to the management and disposition of radioactive waste. Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) has submitted an abstract (with Locus as the co-author) and will be showcasing a poster at this conference. LANL will be showing the new Waste Data Summary module, which streamlines and documents a complex set of considerations that go into evaluation of waste data, to eventually support final disposition decisions.


2017 EHS & Sustainability Software Conference
March 7-8, 2017
Houston, Texas
National Association for Environmental Management (NAEM)

This excellent conference focuses on software solutions in the EHS field, where software vendors and users can meet and exchange information on best practices. Locus will be attending with a vendor booth spot, as well as hosting a demo session with one of our Locus Platform customers!

Company & staff updates

Rob Fishburn
Director of Environmental Services

Rob comes to Locus with over 20 years of experience in regulatory compliance reporting, emergency spill response, site assessment and remediation, contaminant fate and transport modeling, property transfer due diligence, regulatory permitting and negotiations, waste management, and construction oversight. He is registered as a Professional Geologist and has done extensive work in the energy and oil & gas industries. He just relocated to the Bay Area from Colorado.

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