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Locus Technologies Quarterly Newsletter
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Locus Technologies Quarterly Newsletter (November 2013)

Featured News

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Locus Platform for Environmental Enterprise Resource Planning 

The new platform addresses previous user barriers to software adoption, such as wariness of complex and expensive systems and implementations, and uncertainty of integrating a new platform with current legacy systems. It does this by offering an intuitive interface, the immense flexibility to incorporate business-specific processes, and simple integration options- all with a price tag that won't break the bank. New functionality includes:

  • drag-and-drop form creation
  • visual business-process modeling through clickable workflows
  • instant messaging with actionable pathways
  • Excel import/export integration
  • rich and configurable user dashboards and reporting interface

Every feature was created with the end user in mind. 

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Screenshot: Locus' configurable, drag-and-drop workflows

Environmental News
AWWA Introduces Updated Cost Assessment for Impending Perchlorate Regulation 
The American Water Works Association (AWWA) recently introduced a new assessment on the cost-impact of an impending perchlorate regulation. The decision to move forward with the development of this regulation "to protect Americans from any potential health impacts, while also continuing to take steps to ensure the quality of the water they drink" was officially announced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in early 2011.... Continue reading
More Environmental News:  

Locus Product News

Locus' Railroad-specific Incident Management Module

The Incident module enables users to report and manage railroad accidents and incidents in compliance with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations. Other features of the Incident module include easy-to-use data entry forms for incidents and near misses; the ability to associate multiple injuries/illnesses to an incident; customizable dashboards to view incident trends and other key metrics;automated incident notifications with configurable workflows; and push-button generation of report-ready FRA and OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 forms...

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The Annual EIM Customer Survey: Acting on Your Feedback

Based on your comments and suggestions, Locus has incorporated the following updates to its EIM software: 
  • Enhanced formatted reports to better display leached/filtered results and improve the flexibility of formatted reporting
  • Elimination of multiple steps by enabling double-clicks
  • Updated EDD error wizard to let users easily enter missed locations
  • Expanded data update capacity and capability to all major data classes
  • Updated Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR) with additional features and functions, including an updated interface
  • Added support for ERPIMS regulatory deliverables

Coming soon:

  • Popup results for main queries so all query criteria will be maintained, making querying much faster
  • General help file to assist new users, and update current users on EIM workflow and general concepts 
  • Bulk printing of charts

NAEM booth rachel marion_455x219
 Left to right: Rachel Wilkin, Marketing/PR Manager; Marion Wing, Project Manager

 Locus sponsored the 2013 NAEM EHS Management Forum from October 23-25 in Montreal
Locus Project Manager Marion Wing (above) made the trip to Montreal to attend the event and represent Locus at our booth. 

1. What was your favorite part about the 2013 EHS Management Forum? 

This was my first time at this particular NAEM conference, and it was really eye-opening. Creating an engaged culture of sustainability within a company can be very hard - it was great to hear honesty about mistakes and lessons learned, programs and performance, and to hear how others are facing mounting challenges. We can all learn so much from each other, and the Forum gives us the perfect place to exchange ideas and share best practices.

It was also great to get to spend time with customers face-to-face instead of over the phone. The networking events gave us lots of time to connect with others in a relaxed setting, and the open layout of the exhibit hall made it easy to meet others and exchange ideas.

2. What do you think the benefits are of having an event like this?

This is an event that gathers together some of the most influential people in the EHS and Sustainability field. Having so many leaders under the same roof is a rare opportunity, providing the perfect chance to learn from peers in the industry and see firsthand what the newest developments and trends are. It was great to hear about innovations in environmental sustainability tracking, GHG management and carbon disclosure programs, health and safety reporting and compliance management. Ultimately the Forum encourages everyone to work together to drive change within our own companies, while also improving the profession as a whole through collaboration, idea sharing and networking.

3. Do you have any advice for those thinking about attending next year's forum? 

It's a large event with a lot of attendees and presentations - be sure to take notes so you remember everything once you get back to the office. Take advantage of the sessions - there is a lot to learn! I wish I had attended more of them, and I will be sure to do so next year.



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    Locus News
    Locus Introduces Environmental Resource Planning Platform

    The new Locus Platform offers a highly configurable, user-friendly interface to fully meet individual organizations' environmental management needs 

    Read about it here

    Locus Announces Railroad Industry Specific Incident Management Module 
    Companies can comply with FRA and other health and safety regulations through the use of Locus' Incident software
    Read about it here

    Los Alamos National Laboratory Extends Contract with Locus Technologies for Four More Years 

    Locus to continue managing environmental data and information for the nation's largest laboratory
    Read about it here

    Locus Introduces Software Functionality to Support ERPIMS Imports and Exports
    Companies can now use Locus' EIM software to comply with the U.S. Air Force standard ERPIMS system
    Read about it here

    Cloud Apps Critical Requirement No. 7: Predictable Total Cost of Ownership Model
    Read about it here

    Cloud Apps Critical Requirement No. 8: Faster Deployment
    Read about it here

    Cloud Apps Critical Requirement No. 9: Control
    Read about it here

      What's Coming for 2014:
    • New EIM user interface
    • More pixel-perfect reports
    • More options to integrate with web-based content management systems
    • More real-time and SSO mashups with regulatory content providers 
    • More mobile applications
        Did you know,...

    Locus' EIM is the nuclear industry market leader for both commercial and government sites where radionuclides need to be managed. Over 40 percent of the U.S. commercial nuclear reactor sites use EIM for radionuclides management and over six DOE research labs use EIM, including Los Alamos National Laboratory.


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