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Locus Technologies Quarterly Newsletter (August 2013)

Featured News
The Value of True SaaS for EHS Compliance
What if there was a better way to manage your EHS, compliance, and sustainability information?
You've realized that the complexities of your company's compliance or environmental health and safety (EHS) requirements call for a better solution than multiple scattered spreadsheets or silo systems. Great. So now what?
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Environmental News

Metals and Mining Companies must Work Ahead to Manage Water Risks
According to analysis from Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Eurizon Capital, metals and mining companies that take action now to manage their water risks will be much better off financially in the future... Continue reading
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Locus Product News

Introducing Locus' new conflict minerals module
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has adopted a rule by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that requires companies to publicly disclose their use of conflict minerals that originate from the Democratic Republic of Congo or its adjoining countries. This new regulation is relevant for any company that manufactures or contracts to manufacture products where conflict minerals play a part in either the functionality or production of the product.
Appropriately complying with this new conflict minerals rule can be a daunting undertaking for many companies. Having to abide by the appropriate disclosure laws, and finding realistic ways to accurately track the source of potential conflict minerals is an important and complicated task to tackle. Locus' Conflict Minerals module was created to serve as a central point of reference to manage all necessary aspects of an organization's operations to comply with the conflict minerals ruling.
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Locus eWell Collect and Upload Field Data Remotely with Locus eWell
Contact Locus today to learn how you can check out eWell at a special discounted rate.
Or, read more about it here: Locus eWell: Mobile Data Collection.


Locus gave two presentations at the combined EPRI Groundwater Protection Workshop and the NEI RETS-REMP Workshop
Locus Project Manager Sean Sandborgh travelled to Westminster, Colorado to attend the event and give a presentation entitled "Using Mobile Applications to Streamline the Collection of Routine Groundwater Field Data."
  1. What do you believe were some of the most important topics covered at the workshop, and why?
    Unsurprisingly, tritium in groundwater was once again a big topic in this year's workshop, and is of great importance to the nuclear industry in general. The discussions about carbon-14 and other emerging nuclear contaminants were very interesting as well, and are important as they highlight the issues that the industry will have to tackle in the next few years.
  2. What do you think the benefits are of having an event like this?
    The primary benefit to having an event like the combined RETS/REMP and Groundwater Protection Workshops is the ability for environmental professionals from around the commercial nuclear power generation industry to facilitate the sharing of new technologies, methods, and other knowledge, as well as discuss the emerging issues facing the industry in one place. With the strong involvement of the NRC with this workshop, the attendees also get valuable insights into the NRC's priorities in the coming year.
  3. What was your favorite part about this year's EPRI/NEI workshop?
    My favorite part was easily the face-to-face time I was able to spend with both current and prospective Locus customers. It's always valuable for us to be able to discuss the current needs and future possibilities of working with professionals across the environmental spectrum, and I greatly value the time I got to spend with folks at the workshop.
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Locus presented at the 2013 National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC)
NEMC, the largest conference focused on environmental measurements in North America, was held from August 5 to 9 this year in San Antonio, TX. The conference brings together scientists and managers from federal and state agencies, the regulated community, academia, and laboratory and engineering support communities.
This year's conference featured several hot-topic sessions that included excellent presentations regarding industry challenges, and lots of lively discussion. One such session focused on hydrofracturing for shale oil gas exploration. Some topics that were covered under this umbrella included the challenges in produced water treatment and measurement, the revolution in fossil energy production from gas shale, and how the application of hydraulic fracturing of gas shale and tight oil sands has revolutionized the energy industry in the United States. This was of course followed by a discussion about how the development of these new disruptive, innovative practices has outpaced the ability of policy makers and public officials to cope. So what do we do? How do we ensure proper measurement?
Locus' CEO, Neno Duplan, presented a paper at the conference titled "Managing Environmental Monitoring Information in the Cloud," that focused on the importance of cloud computing, and multi-tenancy in particular.
Information management is the key driver behind all aspects of environmental management, costs and performance. This is why the proper management of environmental data is essential. If a company has records scattered across various silo systems that neither the company nor their consultants can easily access, this data cannot be effectively mined for actionable information, and what can't be measured can't be managed. By capturing and analyzing data in one centralized, easily accessible place in the cloud, you can analyze information at portfolio level a thousand times faster, providing actionable insight in real time; which allows you to easily identify opportunities for cost savings.

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Locus News
Much progress has been made over the past few months on the latest update to our web-based software offerings. In a short amount of time we will be announcing the next big thing that aims to revolutionize the way companies approach the management and reporting of their environmental data. It won't be long now, so stay tuned!

Locus Makes ENR's List of Top 200 Environmental Firms
Locus is the only software company to make ENR's prestigious list

Locus Ranks Second Largest Environmental Firm in Silicon Valley
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Locus Achieves a Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency
Locus demonstrates best-in-class capability and market leadership through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment
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10 Critical Requirements for Environmental Cloud Applications: No. 1: True Multi-tenancy
The first installment of Locus CEO's 10 critical requirements for environmental cloud applications
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Cloud Apps Critical Requirement No. 2: Regularly Delivered, Vendor-Managed Updates-Rolling Upgrade Program
The second installment of Locus CEO's 10 critical requirements for environmental cloud applications
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Locus Introduces Conflict Minerals SaaS Module
New Locus module will help companies comply with conflict minerals ruling
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Cloud Apps Critical Requirement No. 3: Seamless Integration On Demand
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Locus is Sponsoring the 2013 EHS Management Forum in Montreal, Canada
Stop by our booth to say hello, find out more about our software offerings, and how we can help you with your environmental management needs.
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Rogue Disposal & Recycling, Inc. Selects Locus Technologies' ePortal Software for Compliance Management
Rogue will use ePortal to take a more holistic view of its operations, and to proactively manage all compliance activities associated with its Dry Creek Landfill site.
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