Build the app of your dreams with Locus Platform

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Build your own EHS apps with Locus Platform

Build the app of your dreams with Locus Platform

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Because when it comes to EHS software, “one size fits all” just doesn’t cut it.

Most customers expect their EHS compliance software to be customizable to meet their unique requirements.  So, it only makes sense to pick a solution that is designed with the latest configurable tools to make customizations simple, affordable, and forward compatible with future releases. 

Locus Platform was built from the ground up to meet the ever-changing needs of the EHS compliance community and incorporate built in configuration tools that anyone can use.   You can build from scratch, select from a library of component building blocks, or simply tweak our pre-built applications to accommodate your unique needs.  You can also easily integrate with third party content providers or your own internal systems.  Plus, all apps are mobile-enabled—even the ones you design yourself.

Locus Platform gives you the tools to build EHS applications tailored to fit your department’s unique workflow— even if you don’t have any programming experience.

Easily design your own data input forms and custom report formats with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. Select from reusable components to build simple or complex workflows and dashboards.

Visually configure rules to toggle form fields based on previous input, and assign workflows based on input or user roles. You can also connect with external systems (like SAP or PeopleSoft) using built-in API connection options.

Or, tell us what you need, and our trained configuration specialists will work with you (or your in-house domain experts) to make it a reality.

Just looking for an off-the-shelf solution?  Mix and match from a library of pre-built applications, engineered by our own domain experts.

Get started quickly by selecting from our already-built application library.   These apps can be used out of the box, or tweaked and fine-tuned to accommodate the specifics of your organization’s EHS workflow.

Our in-house environmental experts and software engineering teams are always working on new app configurations, so if the app you have in mind isn’t listed here, don’t hesitate to ask!  It just might be in the pipeline.

Any configuration of Locus Platform includes the following to get you started:

  • Intuitive form builder for any user input form
  • 19 available form components (e.g. text entry, fixed lists, images, and file attachments)
  • 16 available dashboard and report components (e.g. tables, charts, calendars, and maps)
  • Dynamic rule wizard with simple UI-driven options, or more sophisticated scripting tools
  • Robust calculation engine
  • Granular security model for specific assignments to users or groups
  • Job scheduling function for running programs on a routine basis
  • Email notification tools with predefined mail templates
  • Full data audit tracking for any portion of any application
  • External integration tools for other data sources

Make your IT team insanely happy.

Imagine meeting the unique demands of your EHS&S, field operations, and corporate training teams— all with one solution.  Locus Platform makes buying software simple and meets the needs of a wide range of users.

Integrate, don’t duplicate

Apps on the platform can be linked to work together, or remain independent.  This helps reduce your cost and the time needed for new application deployment; with Locus Platform, you won’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you identify the need for a new app or integration.

Apps for every department

With the flexibility to create targeted applications for any existing workflow, Locus Platform can be used by multiple departments or corporate groups within the same organization– to achieve completely different ends.  A single software solution can meet the unique demands of your EHS, field operations, and corporate training teams.  That means fewer license fees to juggle, less software to support, and more resources to empower your teams to maximize their productivity.

Today’s needs might change tomorrow

Whether you opt to build your own set of applications or have us configure it for you, you’ll get access to the configuration toolbox.  So when a new requirement is added in a few months, or you identify ways to streamline your workflow, it’s as easy as opening the toolbox and making the changes yourself— you won’t be at the mercy of long development cycles or, worse, having to find a completely new solution.

Which approach will work better for your business?

LP-X Pre-configured Platform
Start with an “empty” Platform and use a powerful toolbox to build custom apps for EHS and beyond Pick and choose from our existing pre-built EHS apps based on your current business needs
Unlimited potential Lightning-fast implementation
Drag & drop form configuration Applications grow with your needs
Rule wizards help with building business logic Keep your whole team up to date with email notifications
Drag & drop workflow creation and editing Workflows designed around you
Unleash your IT team– nobody knows your business better than its own employees Customized security settings
Build applications to your niche needs, from simple to complex, including mobile Pick the applications you need, when you need them

Completely configurable cloud platform

Don’t see the specific app or module you’re looking for?  Or, perhaps your company has highly specialized data types or reporting requirements?  Locus Platform’s built-in configuration tools give your team a wide range of options not available in other solutions.

Design the perfect workflow to meet your business needs, with as few or as many steps as you want

Create the dashboards that you always imagined, to highlight exactly the information you want in any format (bar or line charts, maps, tables, tree maps, diagrams, and more)— and share your custom dashboards with your whole team, so everyone can see the real-time information that’s relevant to them

No report format is too complex— create reports and reporting schedules to exactly fit your needs, even for the most demanding specifications

Even your custom reports, forms, and applications are intelligently integrated with our standard applications and basic platform functionality including notifications, charting tools, reporting, Excel imports, and search

Empower your team by creating applications to fit your existing business requirements and workflows— our powerful configuration workbench lets you add unlimited applications, reports, input forms, workflows, and dashboards

Do more with mobile— every compliance-related form in the desktop platform can be mobile-enabled, so you can introduce new ways of streamlining data collection to your team

Mobile Field Data Collection

Streamline and improve the quality of your data collection with full, native mobile integration, configurable for single or multiple site use.  You can even collect field measurements, facility audit information, or incident information offline, then sync and upload to the cloud later.

Locus mobile environmental field data collection app for iOS

Access your critical data from your device anytime— even while offline

Improve data quality by reducing (or even eliminating) manual data entry and enabling built-in, fully-configurable data validation rules

Control exactly what gets sampled and when, by setting up input forms through the desktop interface and instantly syncing them to the mobile app

Easy setup, minimal configuration— the full mobile solution is natively integrated with our cloud EHS compliance applications, ready for use at a single site or across your organization

We chose Locus software for the reliability and data security that enables our technology platform to operate with robust, data-driven communication for all Aquam customers around the world to utilize. With the integration of rapidly scalable Locus software, we are at the forefront of IoT and well-positioned to offer asset ‘active management’—a core value to our customers and value proposition.

Aquam Corporation logo
Danny Krywyj
President, Orbis Intelligent Systems

With Locus’ configurable solution, we can set up applications, dashboards and reports to align with our current compliance application and tailor the functionality to our specific business needs.  We can continue to use our same data collection forms, but with more robust tracking tools to help our team keep on top of our EHS regulations and reporting requirements throughout PSE&G.

PSE&G logo
Robert Pollock
Sr. Dir Environ Projects & Services, PSE&G

Managing water quality data is critical to our clients’ projects. Water ARC is a new service provided by Carollo that integrates and enhances our capabilities to collect this data through field analytical, pilot testing, and laboratory-based treatability testing services. Key parts of this new service are our improved management of field analytical and pilot testing equipment, nationwide, with Locus Platform and streamlined collection and analysis of various data sources with Locus EIM. Incorporating these innovative tools in our project work helps us achieve a higher level of efficiency in managing quality data for our clients.

Carollo logo
Justin Sutherland
Manager of Water ARC, Carollo

In selecting our data management system, we had a few criteria that we wanted to improve upon. We needed to be able to generate alerts based on data. We needed something that was mobile-enabled so that our field staff could use it. Our IT staff strongly preferred software hosted in the cloud so they wouldn’t have to support or interact with it.

We were also interested in the option to expand beyond just environmental data management, to get away from this “one app for one task” approach. We looked at a lot of products—most of them satisfied some of these criteria, but not others. We had a good experience with Locus EIM for our drinking water data, so we discussed our needs with Locus and they recommended their new Locus Platform. It satisfied all our requirements.

Locus gave us in-person training, and as we developed our applications they were able to support us with very good response time. The user interfaces for individual users (as well as for me when I was developing custom applications) were very intuitive. Locus was always there to advise us on how to implement the more advanced features.

San Jose Water Company logo
Casey Claborn
Water Quality Engineer, San Jose Water Company

The scalable, easy-to-use configuration in Locus Platform allows us to standardize our waste management and reporting process, and integrating with Locus Mobile simplifies data collection and container management at our waste-generating facilities.

Locus Platform helps our Waste Management resources to more effectively track, manage, and report information to regulatory agencies, facility managers, and corporate staff, and we can completely customize the solution using the built-in Configuration Workbench tool.

Salt River Project
Noah Manwaring
Environmental Systems Development Lead, Salt River Project

By organizing and analyzing environmental, sustainability, and water quality information in the cloud, Locus is helping organizations to understand the impact of climate change on drinking water. AWS’s unmatched portfolio of cloud services, proven operational expertise, and unmatched reliability will help Locus to further automate environmental compliance for companies ranging from local water utilities to multinational manufacturing corporations, to federal government research agencies.

Amazon Web Services
Mike Clayville
Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales, Amazon Web Services

I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the outstanding support Kent Corp/GPC has received from the Locus team assigned to our environmental compliance log project. After nearly a year of meetings, planning, building, testing, training, and preparations, we are implementing the third and final phase of our Locus Platform at GPC on Mon, Feb 29.

Moving to the Locus Platform has been a significant culture change for GPC, and at times, this has been a challenging process. The Locus Project team has been extremely patient and tolerant throughout the entire project. This team navigated their way through a multitude of decisions, changes to decisions, and even more requested changes from GPC with patience that must have been challenging at times. If they were ever frustrated with our team, they did not display this emotion during any of our calls or review/training sessions.

Linda Heckroth
Project Manager, Kent Corp/GPC

Thank you for your effort and excellent work. We appreciate the fast delivery schedule of the new developments. We are specially satisfied with the improvement of the user friendly portal.

Pierre-Louis Marec
Group EHS Vice President, Alstom

Not only does Locus’ cloud-based system enable us to see our progress more quickly and easily because of the reporting customization and graphics, but Locus truly understands the science behind the metrics, and acts as another set of eyes and a trusted partner to Del Monte in validating our data.

By working with Locus, we will improve our ability to analyze and forecast our reliance on critical environmental resources, which will help Del Monte meet its sustainability goals. Management of our complex set of activities requires robust software architectures that are best delivered via the Cloud. We found all of these in Locus’ platform.

Del Monte logo
Robin Connell
Sustainability Programs Manager, Del Monte Foods
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