Introducing cloud water quality software to turn your facility’s data management challenges into opportunities.

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Locus Technologies is a proud member of the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

Take control of your drinking water and ops data and ditch the spreadsheets.

Whether testing for the latest UCMR list, taste and odor, corrosion, customer complaints, new main construction, or basic water quality issues, trying to manage the abundance of data from various sources can get overwhelming— especially if you’re storing this data in a complex web of spreadsheets and in-house databases.

Let Locus show you a better way to manage your water data.

  • Flexible sample planning for routine sampling
  • Pre-printed COCs
  • Mobile app for samplers/Ops data
  • Coliform and other routine reports
  • Instant results on GIS maps
  • Permits and DMRs
  • CCR calculations and report inputs
  • Custom mobile forms for Ops data

Take control of your drinking water program with a complete water quality management software solution.

By managing water quality data in the cloud, project engineers can more easily track routine field activities, manage laboratories’ and samplers’ workloads, review analytical and field results, receive alerts for exceedances, and visualize results in real time.

Spend less time managing your water quality data, and get to the actionable information faster— samples and analyses are validated on entry, and all your finalized data are easy to access through dashboard reports, configurable plots, and shareable maps.

With Locus’ cloud water quality software, it’s just as easy to find the answer to an off-the-cuff inquiry (“did we collect all our required samples this month?”) as it is to set up monthly coliform reports.

Locus sample planning module with configurable calendars and email notifications

At the 2016 AWWA conference, Locus’ customer San Jose Water Company discussed using Locus’ EIM for water utilities to improve their data accessibility, reporting, and tracking.

San Jose Water Company’s presentation about water utility data management with Locus EIM (Download PDF)

Environmental Information Management

Get comprehensive insight into your utility by leveraging water quality data from multiple data sources of any type, size, or volume

Consolidate your sample planning workflow and easily manage operational sampling demands— with flexible calendars, advanced planning options, preprinted Chain-of-Custody (COC) forms, work lists, and bottle labels

Always be assured that your water system is operating safely and effectively with comprehensive input, tracking, and management tools to simplify the process from field sample collection to laboratory electronic receipt

Get your analytical results faster with a built-in separate laboratory interface

Empower your sampling team to deliver better field data, faster— with full mobile integration of the powerful sample collection module, including easy-to-customize data entry forms and real-time data validation (it even tracks field activities over the week, so your samplers never miss a collection!)

Prevent compliance problems with instant notifications for late or missing samples, exceedances of regulatory limits, and data validation errors

Generate all the reports you need in just a few clicks, from DMRs to monthly coliform reporting to Consumer Confidence Reports— pre-designed queries, quick reports, and formatted report templates help to streamline all your reporting requirements

EHS Compliance

Optimize your entire EHS program with a centralized platform for all your compliance-related activities, including audits, incidents, waste, permits, SPCC, chemical inventory, and sustainability

Automate permit tracking and other compliance activities with email notifications and task calendars, saving time and resources and ensuring that everyone completes what they’ve been assigned

Empower your team by creating unlimited applications to fit your existing business requirements, including reports, input forms, workflows, and dashboards— and integrate these applications with other data types (like SCADA)

Generate regulatory compliance reports— customized to meet your specific requirements— with a single click

EHS compliance software screenshot of Waste management dashboard with EPA report output
EHS software screenshot of Locus Platform EHS compliance software applications dashboard


Track key performance indicator (KPI) metrics including consumption of electricity, fuel and water, quantity and quality of waste and waste water, air emissions and production information— and compare results to benchmarks within your facility or industry group

Save time and resources by inputting data only once, and reporting in parallel for multiple federal, state, and voluntary reporting programs— we can provide in-house expertise and direct experience with calculation methods for US EPA, California ARB, GRI, CDP, and TCR

Get started quickly with standard, built-in, emissions data calculations, or easily configure methodologies specific to your organization’s requirements (with full support for eGRID, so Scope 2 emissions can be optionally calculated from indirect energy usage and eGRID calculations)

Make sure data is always reported on time and to completion with built-in, automatic alerts and reminders sent to you or your team members, plus tracking tools for report submittals

Water Utility

We chose Locus software for the reliability and data security that enables our technology platform to operate with robust, data-driven communication for all Aquam customers around the world to utilize. With the integration of rapidly scalable Locus software, we are at the forefront of IoT and well-positioned to offer asset ‘active management’—a core value to our customers and value proposition.

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