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Screenshot of GIS application showing polygon query and mobile field data collection on iPad
  • EHS reporting & benchmarking 
  • Permit tracking & submittal  
  • Waste handling/disposal tracking 
  • Chemical inventory tracking 
  • Incident reporting with online OSHA forms
  • FRA forms & reporting 
  • Compliance tracking & reporting 
  • Business analytics 
  • Integrated mobile  
  • Sustainability tracking & reporting 
  • Remediation & site cleanup data  

Deliver better, faster business results by consolidating your environmental & compliance data in the cloud.

Since 1999, Locus’ cloud software solutions and GHG verification services have helped our transportation customers—including railroads, marine ports, and airlines—manage their environmental data and information in a centralized, secure, and accessible database in the cloud. 

Request a demo today to find out how Locus software solutions can help your company save time and resources, reduce operational and regulatory risk, and transform your data into actionable insight. 

Get instant access to all your environmental and compliance data, anytime, anywhere.

By managing data in the cloud, project managers can more easily track field activities, record and investigate incidents, track waste shipments and chemical inventory, receive alerts for overdue actions, and visualize results in real time.

Get notified of incidents immediately with configurable inputs for our mobile solution, and set up custom workflows for follow-up actions.

With Locus’ cloud software, it’s just as easy to find the answer to an off-the-cuff inquiry (“which facility had the most near misses?”) as it is to set up monthly permit submittals.

Designed with railroads in mind—the Locus Platform Railroad Incident application streamlines compliance with FRA regulations.

Easily report and manage railroad accidents and incidents in compliance with Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) regulations!  Introducing an all-in-one application powered by Locus Platform, a scalable, powerful app-building platform that makes it easy to design and deploy apps that precisely conform to your existing business processes and requirements.

  • Easy-to-use data entry forms for incidents with one-click incident section selection
  • Associate multiple injuries/illnesses to an incident
  • State-of-the-art body image selector for injuries
  • Push-button generation of FRA reports with digital signatures
  • Industry-specific dashboards to view incident trends and key metrics
  • Configurable workflows and email notifications to keep on top of critical issues or incidents
  • Import tool for bulk importing and editing incident, employee, and other organizational data
  • Mobile-enabled

Contact us for a demonstration of the power and simplicity of Locus Platform’s Railroad Incident app!

EHS software to generate OSHA incident reporting with one click
Screenshot of EIM PM Console with charts and maps

Environmental Information Management

Consolidate your sample planning workflow using a comprehensive Field module, featuring advanced planning options, preprinted Chain-of-Custody (COC) forms, work lists, and bottle labels
Always be assured that you’ll receive exactly what you ordered with comprehensive input, tracking, and management tools to simplify the process from field sample collection to laboratory electronic receipt

Improve data quality with complete analytical chemistry data management, including data validation, electronic data deliverable (EDD) error checking, multiple EDD format uploads, and customizable valid values

Map data with powerful GIS tools, including interactive overlays of analytical and groundwater contour data and configurable and sharable map layers

Keep your data secure with state-of-the-art encryption and multiple, configurable permissions levels to manage who can access what information

Streamline field data collection with configurable multi-media data collection forms (for mobile or desktop)

Get instant alerts when data that exceed your specified limits are entered into the system

EHS Compliance

Automate permit tracking and other compliance activities with email notifications and task calendars, saving time and resources and ensuring that everyone completes what they’ve been assigned

Empower your team by creating unlimited applications to fit your existing business requirements, including reports, input forms, workflows, and dashboards

Generate regulatory compliance reports— customized to meet your specific requirements— with a single click

Promote and manage uniform compliance standards and policies across multiple sites, using targeted dashboards and visualization tools to ensure they are being maintained

Optimize your entire EHS program with a centralized platform for all your compliance-related activities, including audits, incidents, waste, permits, SPCC, chemical inventory, and sustainability

Keep your data secure, while ensuring it’s always accessible on-demand for the appropriate users— we guarantee best-in-class encryption and other application security protocols, and you can configure roles and permissions for your users (as simple or as complex as your organization requires)

Sustainability software screenshot of Locus Platform applications menu and iPad with sampling interface
Screenshot of Sustainability dashboard on Locus Platform


Track key performance indicator (KPI) metrics including consumption of electricity, fuel and water, quantity and quality of waste and waste water, air emissions and production information— and compare results to benchmarks across your enterprise or industry group

Be confident that your emissions reporting is complete and accurate, by verifying your GHG reports with our accredited verification team

Save time and resources by inputting data only once, and reporting in parallel for multiple federal, state, and voluntary reporting programs— we can provide in-house expertise and direct experience with calculation methods for US EPA, California ARB, GRI, CDP, and TCR

Get started quickly with standard, built-in, emissions data calculations, or easily configure methodologies specific to your organization’s requirements (with full support for eGRID, so Scope 2 emissions can be optionally calculated from indirect energy usage and eGRID calculations)

Make sure data is always reported on time and to completion with built-in, automatic alerts and reminders sent to you or your team members, plus tracking tools for report submittals


Thank you for your effort and excellent work. We appreciate the fast delivery schedule of the new developments. We are specially satisfied with the improvement of the user friendly portal.

Pierre-Louis Marec
Group EHS Vice President, Alstom

Locus is a great company…very qualified. They automated a manual process, saving us the daily labor costs…This essentially paperless system is accessible to anyone who needs it at any time.

Remediation Manager

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