Trusted cloud EHS software solutions for commercial and government nuclear reactor and research sites.

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It’s time to move beyond spreadsheets and data silos.

For utilities operating nuclear power plants, the burden of environmental data management is second only to that of managing nuclear material itself. 

More than 40 percent of the U.S. commercial nuclear reactor sites and four DOE research labs are using or have used Locus’ cloud software systems for better monitoring, real-time analysis, and aggregating and reporting of environmental and compliance information. 

Find out how Locus nuclear EHS compliance software solutions can help save time and resources, reduce operational and regulatory risk, and transform your data into actionable insight. 

  • Groundwater, RETS, REMP, and AREOR data
  • Biological data
  • Data validation and verification
  • Comprehensive sample planning
  • EHS and environmental compliance
  • Automated notifications
  • Data visualization and mapping tools
  • Mobile-enabled field data collection

Get instant access to all your EHS compliance & environmental data, anytime, anywhere.

By managing data in the cloud, team members can instantly find out where samples of various media have been taken, which parties collected them, how the samples were analyzed, what the levels of radionuclides are in these samples, how those data are trending, and the legal limits and long-term effects of each isotope.

And project managers can more easily track field activities, record and investigate incidents, track waste shipments and chemical inventory, receive alerts for overdue actions, and visualize results in real time.

Get notified of incidents immediately with configurable inputs for our mobile solution, and set up custom workflows for follow-up actions. And your field sampling programs are streamlined, with instant access to data collected using flexible data entry forms.

With Locus’ cloud EHS software for nuclear facilities, it’s just as easy to find the answer to an off-the-cuff inquiry (“have we ever found tritium in groundwater?”) as it is to set up monthly permit submittals.

Environmental Information Management

Consolidate your sample planning workflow using a comprehensive Field module, featuring advanced planning options, preprinted Chain-of-Custody (COC) forms, work lists, and bottle labels

Always be assured that you’ll receive exactly what you ordered with comprehensive input, tracking, and management tools to simplify the process from field sample collection to laboratory electronic receipt

See your complex geologic and geotechnical data in new ways with interactive boring logs, well diagrams, subsurface cross-sections, maps, charts and graphs to quickly identify trends, problem areas and opportunities

Improve data quality with complete analytical chemistry data management, including data validation, electronic data deliverable (EDD) error checking, multiple EDD format uploads, and customizable valid values

Map data with powerful GIS tools, including interactive overlays of analytical and groundwater contour data and configurable and sharable map layers

Compare results throughout your organization by performing multi-site queries across a portfolio of sites

Keep your data secure with state-of-the-art encryption and multiple, configurable permissions levels to manage who can access what information
Streamline field data collection with configurable multi-media data collection forms (for mobile or desktop)

Get instant alerts when data that exceed your specified limits are entered into the system

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EHS Compliance

Automate permit tracking and other compliance activities with email notifications and task calendars, saving time and resources and ensuring that everyone completes what they’ve been assigned

Keep your data secure, while ensuring it’s always accessible on-demand for the appropriate users— we guarantee best-in-class encryption and other application security protocols, and you can configure roles and permissions for your users (as simple or as complex as your organization requires)

Empower your team by creating unlimited applications to fit your existing business requirements, including reports, input forms, workflows, and dashboards

Generate regulatory compliance reports— customized to meet your specific requirements— with a single click

Promote and manage uniform compliance standards and policies across multiple sites, using targeted dashboards and visualization tools to ensure they are being maintained

Optimize your entire EHS program with a centralized platform for all your compliance-related activities, including audits, incidents, waste, permits, SPCC, chemical inventory, and sustainability


Track key performance indicator (KPI) metrics including consumption of electricity, fuel and water, quantity and quality of waste and waste water, air emissions and production information— and compare results to benchmarks across your enterprise or industry group

Be confident that your emissions reporting is complete and accurate, by verifying your GHG reports with our accredited verification team

Save time and resources by inputting data only once, and reporting in parallel for multiple federal, state, and voluntary reporting programs— we can provide in-house expertise and direct experience with calculation methods for US EPA, California ARB, GRI, CDP, and TCR

Get started quickly with standard, built-in, emissions data calculations, or easily configure methodologies specific to your organization’s requirements (with full support for eGRID, so Scope 2 emissions can be optionally calculated from indirect energy usage and eGRID calculations)

Make sure data is always reported on time and to completion with built-in, automatic alerts and reminders sent to you or your team members, plus tracking tools for report submittals

Screenshot of Sustainability reporting dashboard on Locus Platform

High-quality environmental data is one of the key drivers that will help us meet our cleanup goals. Moving forward, our data will help us be more sustainable and better stewards of the environment. Organizing these massive volumes of data, and making them available to the public, will help demonstrate our commitment to openness and environmental compliance.

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