See your data in new ways with Locus GIS for environmental management— and reveal the information that matters.

Locus GIS for environmental management– it’s all part of the package.

In 2004, we developed our first GIS application, integrated into our environmental data management cloud software.  Since then, we haven’t stopped innovating to keep bringing the latest features and functionality into our platform.

If you aren’t using GIS technology for your environmental data and compliance management activities, we can’t wait to show you what you’ve been missing.  GIS and environmental management— they just belong together!

And even if you already use a different mapping platform (whether your organization developed it in-house, or if you have an off-the-shelf solution), you’ll be amazed at how much more Locus GIS solutions can do.

Request a free demo today, and find out how Locus’ integrated GIS for environmental management solutions can help unlock the meaning behind your environmental data.

Screenshot of Locus GIS for environmental management on laptop with polygon queries

All the functionality you love in EIM’s classic Google Maps GIS for environmental management—integrated with the powerful cartography, interoperability, & smart-mapping features of Esri’s ArcGIS platform!

Learn more about GIS+ 

Create and share report-ready maps within your browser.

Incorporate custom map layers

Add your own existing GIS map layers with images or aerial photos that can be used as backdrops on the map. Features layers, such as plant boundaries or rivers, can be used to perform data searches based on location (e.g. “find all data in a boundary”, or “find all data within 5km from the river”).

Share routine queries with your team

Create your own data queries from the cloud platform and send the results to the GIS application as query layers. Then save and share your custom map with colleagues to simplify visual analysis and encourage communication and collaboration.

Generate print-ready maps

Easily create map printouts (at various paper sizes) that show your map data along with optional, configurable legends, scale bars, titles, north arrow, and custom text fields.

Already know GIS?

You’ll be instantly familiar with Locus GIS, as all the standard tools are on board— including searching for data by address or latitude and longitude, performing measurements (by distance, area, or volume), and finding locations.

Locus GIS for environmental management screenshot of groundwater contours in maps module with chart

Analyze and display all your location-based data— simple or complex.

Choose relevant symbols

Create the visual presentation that’s most meaningful to your organization by assigning customizable colors and symbols to your map locations.

Point-and-click, or craft custom queries

Click individual locations right on the map to see all associated results, or perform spatial queries to see more refined results for analytical, exceedance, groundwater, field, and location information.

Show results right beside locations

Run queries and post the results directly on the map, so locations can be labeled with parameter concentrations or groundwater levels.

Answer complex questions

Filter and search location-based data by a wide range of query options— including parameter group, parameter, qualifier, units, action limit, sample type, analysis type, leached flag, filtered flag, and sample program.

Share meaningful information

Mine your data with advanced spatial queries— e.g., “display all benzene concentrations found in groundwater over a defined action limit within a site boundary”— and share the mapped result output with stakeholders to effectively convey important trends or other information.

Visualize your site like never before, and discover hidden trends and insights.

Easily organize lots of locations

Configurable location cluster markers make it easy to organize multiple nearby locations, and zoom in closer to see the individual markers— keeping your data meaningful at any scale.

Highlight areas of concern

Use multiple color ramps and graduated symbols to color-code your map locations, based on results from queries of chemical concentrations or groundwater elevations— or, resize the locations based on the results.

Create refined contours

Generate configurable contour layers for analytical concentration and groundwater elevation, defining the parameters and settings that will represent your data in the most impactful way possible— including kriging, natural neighbor, splining, or inverse distance interpolation methods.

Visually represent rainfall

Quickly determine rainfall over an area for permit compliance— with on-the-fly Thiessen polygons to display precipitation results with rainfall catchment polygons.

Screenshot of Locus GIS location clustering functionality
Screenshot of Locus GIS for environmental management contour output with data grid

Share your saved GIS maps with team members and stakeholders.

Bring your queries to life

Create and save maps with customized point and shape layers, queries, contours, and display options— and, optionally, share your saved maps with your team on the GIS dashboard.

Share your creations (if you want)

Choose to share certain saved maps with other team members— or, keep them private, so only you have access.

Report-ready outputs

Export your customized map as an image (or PDF) and incorporate into internal or external reports— plus, contouring output layers can be exported to Esri Shapefile, Golden Software’s Surfer, and Google Earth.

View & export data with one click

Easily see the numbers behind your visualizations from anywhere within the map— and it just takes a single click to export the tabular data results for reports or additional analysis to PDF, Excel, or text files.

Locus GIS+ is a premium web mapping service powered by Esri technology, with all the functionality of Locus EIM’s current Google Maps-based solution, plus a host of features to enhance your use of GIS for environmental management:

Use your own map layers as a starting point through integration with ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS— or select from 17 built-in basemaps, including the latest Esri vector basemaps

Improved cartography with enhanced labeling and symbols— select from hundreds of high-quality, industry-specific symbols, then modify the size, color, transparency, and angle to design clear and highly-representative maps

Saving data queries as query layers— toggle between multiple query result layers on a single map to quickly compare or overlay different measurements or analyses for your locations

Granular control over a large selection of color ramps & histograms for graduated symbols, providing maximum flexibility and control over how your data will display

Better comprehensive spatial data analysis (using Esri’s “smart mapping” technology) for more mature analysis of spatial distributions of information from Locus’ EIM

Advanced configuration and display options for layers, symbols, and grouping— including the ability to change the order of map layers by simply dragging and dropping them in the tools panel

Many more rolling enhancements coming soon— including 3d visualization of subsurface results, print templates, ability to map statistically significant trends, contouring post data layers, time-aware layers & animation, spider diagrams, and more!

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