Mobile Apps Developer iOS and Android (3510-3)

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Asheville, NC


Full-Time Employee



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Locus Technologies is searching for a full time mobile developer for the technical marketplace to work from our office in Asheville. As a member of the team you will be responsible for leading the development and launch of core product features in the environmental field.

You will have significant influence on our overall mobile strategy by helping define these product features, drive the system architecture, and spearhead the best practices that enable a quality product for our corporate customers. Our customers are not looking to play games in airport lounges, but rather use today’s mobile devices to improve business processes, collect and process data, and streamline environmental data collection and information management.

While this role is focused on Mobile Development, we also look for engineers that have a solid CS background and feel equally comfortable talking about the latest Android app as they do about data structures, concurrency, caching, and other CS fundamentals. You will architect and develop mission-critical mobile applications for iOS and Android-based platforms.

  • Must have 3+ years in mobile apps software development
  • Native iOS development and Android/ Java development required
  • Web and/ or Native User Interface Development on phone or tablet
  • Integration experience to back-end database or transactional systems
  • Expertise in Objective C, Java and other mobile languages
  • Experience with AJAX based websites, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Experience with Agile, or Agile-based, development methodologies
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent
At least 3 years of mobile apps software development experience
B.S. Computer Science or higher
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